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Welcome to CNS Neuro Rehabilitation & Elderly Care

Our team of specialist Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists provide assessment and rehabilitation for adults with neurological conditions and older adults who are experiencing difficulty with their mobility or independence.

We provide bespoke services from the comfort of your own home. Our aim is to ensure that we support each individual to fulfil their potential whilst achieving their goals.


Neurological Physiotherapy

As neurological physiotherapists we specialise in assessing and treating individuals with neurological impairments.

We facilitate brain pathway connections through repetitive movement patterns and task practice. The physiotherapists at CNS will do everything they can to help clients move better and ensure that issues are addressed proactively to prevent long-term problems from developing.

Our unique rehabilitation programs are individual and personalised. They focus on improving movement and posture, reducing muscle tightness, enhancing upper limb function, improving balance and mobility, reducing the risk of falls and increasing independence at home and in the community. 

Physiotherapy for Older Adults

Physiotherapists play a vital role in the care of the elderly, offering specialised services to enhance their overall health and well-being. With a focus on mobility, strength, and balance, our experienced physiotherapists create personalised exercise programmes to improve independence, prevent falls, and manage chronic conditions. Their expertise contributes to promoting active living and improving the quality of life for older adults.

Occupational Therapy

CNS occupational therapists are experts in assessing the physical and cognitive impact of neurological injuries. They recommend techniques, strategies, adaptations to your home or equipment to help you regain independence or reduce the amount of assistance you need from a carer.

Our occupational therapists will provide practical solutions that maximise independence and reduce your dependence on others – from equipment that enables someone to prepare meals and drinks independently to installing rails for safe access or replacing a bath with a walk-in shower.

For many people with neurological injury or illness, cognitive problems may be the greatest barrier to independent living. Occupational therapy provides advice and support on how to improve cognitive function, and on learning strategies to help compensate for specific areas of difficulty.


Neurological Disorders

We have a wealth of experience in treating all types of neurological disorders from Epilepsy to Multiple Sclerosis to Brain Tumours. We help clients to set meaningful goals and focus their rehabilitation on the areas that are important to them and will enhance quality of life.

Parkinson's Disease

Neurological rehabilitation plays a key role for people with Parkinson’s Disease. Exercise is shown to help slow the progression of symptoms. Our physiotherapists have completed PD Warrior training, which is a series of Parkinson’s–specific exercises designed for maximum effect to challenge the body and mind.

Functional Neurological Symptoms

The therapists at CNS have experience in this specialist area of neurology. We understand that increased activity can make the symptoms feel worse but it does not cause further damage. A graded exercise programme can reduce symptoms and help clients achieve their goals. We can also advise employers with a phased return to work.

Elderly Care & Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists and occupational therapists have extensive experience in the assessment of age related changes that can occur. Following a thorough assessment we offer a bespoke treatment plan to maximise independence and ensure you have the functional ability to enjoy life.


Our physiotherapists are well practised in hydrotherapy and enjoy seeing the benefits of water based sessions. Following hydrotherapy our clients often have a huge sense of achievement. The water can promote relaxation, increase independence and provide a sense of well-being.

Acquired Brain Injury

Clients with an acquired brain injury often experience a range of symptoms and need a broad range of support. Our occupational and physiotherapists work together, and alongside other health professionals, to create a bespoke treatment plan that focuses on maximising the client’s potential and achieving an agreed level of independence.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Our stroke rehabilitation service is a very specialist type of treatment where our goal is to maximise the recovery of function. At CNS we use a multi-disciplinary approach that can help to relearn the skills that may have been lost when the stroke-affected part of the brain. We can help to regain independence and improve quality of life.

Immediate Needs Assessment

Following a thorough assessment a report is written which identifies the needs, goals and expected outcomes of an individual following an injury. A bespoke programme is then created to coordinate outcome-focused rehabilitation, and to ensure that the client receives appropriate treatment at the earliest opportunity.

Spinal Cord Injury

Our therapists complete a detailed assessment to ensure an accurate understanding of our clients clinical presentation is obtained. This allows an appropriate and specific treatment plan to be formulated that will be reassessed continually to ensure that specific needs are met and goals are achieved.

Ergonomic and Workplace Assessments

We are very accomplished and skilled at completing ergonomic / workplace assessments and are able to work in a variety of different settings. Following a customised onsite assessment recommendations and a tailored programme is put in place to optimise safety, health, and comfort to ensure that our clients conditions are managed effectively in the workplace.


CNS Neuro Rehab & Elderly Care provides individualised and specialist neurological physiotherapy and occupational therapy for Jersey residents . Our goal is to enable and empower individuals to reach their full potential and live as independently as is possible.

We are a small team of occupational therapists and neurological physiotherapists. Our therapists have many years of experience working with long-term neurological conditions and elderly care. We strive to deliver a comprehensive and specialist service to address the complex needs of our clients.


Nadia is a compassionate and dynamic physiotherapist. She has a wealth of experience and very robust knowledge in working with neurological conditions.

Nadia is passionate about fully understanding her client’s challenges and working with them to address their individual needs. She recognises the importance of considering the person as a whole and ensures to actively engage individuals as well as their family and carers in the rehabilitation process.

Nadia graduated in 2001 with BSc (Hons) and specialised in Neurology in 2003. She gained her extensive neurological experience by working in a variety of settings and treating individuals at all stages of their journey, in acute wards, specialist rehabilitation centres, community outpatients, and the voluntary sector.

Nadia has continued to develop her clinical skills by undertaking a range of post-graduate courses related to adult neurology. She is registered with The Healthcare Professionals Council (HCPC), The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), and is an active member of both The Aquatic Therapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (ATACP) and the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists Interested in Neurology (ACPIN).


Heidi is passionate about her work in neurological physiotherapy and fully understands the importance of a holistic approach to neurological rehabilitation, involving family and carers to achieve the client’s goals.

Graduating in 1998, Heidi completed her junior rotations in London before returning to Jersey in 2001 to work on the acute medical wards at the General Hospital.  Since 2012 Heidi has been specialising in acute neurology and gained wide experience of neurological conditions. Heidi has been instrumental in contributing to a stroke pathway, and her special interests are in stroke, functional neurological symptoms, brain injury, and persistent disorders of consciousness.

Heidi is an active participant and educator in postgraduate courses and in-house training in adult neurology. She is registered with the Health Professions Council (HCPC), the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, and is an active member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapy Interested in Neurology (ACPIN).

When Heidi is not working, she tries to keep up with her three active young boys. She takes a keen interest in sea swimming, triathlons and has a Norfolk Terrier called Billy.


Qualifying as an occupational therapist in 1981, Chrissy has extensive experience in both neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation. She has worked in hospital and community rehabilitation settings, treating clients with a variety of medical and surgical conditions.

Chrissy provides a friendly and personalised service that supports individuals to achieve their optimum level of independence. She carries out both functional and cognitive assessments, following which client-focused goals are agreed. Chrissy will also prescribe specialist equipment and recommend adaptations to a client’s home.

She is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, and a member of the Royal Association of Occupational Therapists. Her clinical knowledge is up to date as well as her membership with the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section in Neurological Practice.

Additionally, Chrissy has more than 15 years of experience as an Occupational Therapy Expert Witness. This involves Chrissy in the preparation of reports for the Court and assisting it to determine the level of compensation payable to people who have been injured through accident or medical negligence.



We are the only private providers of specialist, multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation, consisting of neurological physiotherapy and occupational therapy, in Jersey.

We can combine our expertise, as well as work closely together alongside other health professions, within the States of Jersey, the voluntary sector, and the private sector to provide a comprehensive service so that our clients achieve optimum results.


Everyone with a neurological condition is unique.

We recognise the importance of the individual being the centre of treatment. Following a thorough assessment, person-centred goals are set and a bespoke rehabilitation plan is formulated which is continually reviewed throughout the treatment.


The therapists at CNS have a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience of working with individuals with neurological conditions. We have each worked for over 15 years in neurorehabilitation and are enthusiastic and passionate therapists.

We strive to be the best for ourselves and our clients and undertake postgraduate courses to continually develop our clinical skills and knowledge.


We provide therapy and treatment in your own home. This means we can assess your requirements, purchase any equipment if needed, and provide rehabilitation where you need it most.

Our service removes the hassles of going to a clinic and ensures you are seen at a time that is convenient for you.



At CNS we specialise in neurological rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is a problem-solving and educational process that reduces the functional and social consequences experienced because of an injury or disease. Neurological injury or disease may affect a person’s movement control, balance, sensation, speech, swallow, vision, mood, ability to concentrate, memory, and bowel/bladder control. The therapists at CNS will help our clients set meaningful goals, design a bespoke rehabilitation plan to focus on what is important to them and will enhance their quality of life.


Every client is different. We will discuss your previous medical and any surgical history with you and undertake a thorough assessment of your needs. Once we have a full picture of you and what you would like to achieve, we discuss a bespoke treatment plan with you.


We can assess and treat you without a doctor’s referral. It may be necessary to write to your GP or Consultant, but we will gain your consent prior to doing so. If you have health insurance, you should check their requirements for authorising cover of fees prior to making an appointment.


Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email, or through our contact form. We will respond to your query and book a time convenient for you. Give us a call on +44 7829 711207 or send us an enquiry using our contact form below.